After racist photo circulates on social media, 2 Denfeld HS students expelled


A few weeks after a racist image circulated through Denfeld High School, two students have been expelled.

The reason students were expelled include harassment, threatening or intimidating behavior and bullying – but the specific actions that led to the students' expulsion will not be released due to student privacy laws, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

The suspension that began at Tuesday's board meeting is for one year, but the students will be eligible to return to school in September if they meet certain conditions determined by the district, the newspaper says. Those conditions also weren't released.

It is not known whether those expelled were the students involved with the racist image that circulated through the school on social media earlier this month.

The photo showed a black 10th-grader with a noose drawn around his neck and "gotta hang 'em all" written below the image, Northland's NewsCenter reported.

Members of the Duluth School Board wrote the following in an editorial published in the Duluth News Tribune earlier this month:

"Such images are not acceptable and have no place in our community or schools. Minnesota laws protecting the rights of juveniles don’t allow much detail to be shared, but it’s safe to say the consequences for the students involved in creating and distributing the image are serious."

Family of the student pictured in the image said it is "absolutely a hate crime," WDAZ said. The boy's uncle told the news station downtown Duluth's Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial – a memorial for the three men who were lynched in Duluth in 1920 – should be a reminder that these incidents bring up years of historical trauma, adding "This is the dark side of America."

The district has taken steps to talk with the school community, and plans to continue discussing the incident at an upcoming Think Kids meeting, the Duluth News Tribune says.

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