After snow closes MSP, Sun Country abandons passengers in Mexico

Passengers in Mazatlan and Cabo were told to make alternative arrangements.
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Passengers heading back to the Twin Cities were left abandoned in Mexico when Sun Country canceled their trips because of the snow and told them to find another way home.

Scores of flights back to MSP Airport were canceled on Saturday as snow shut down the runways, among them Sun Country return flights from Mazaltan, Cancun and San Jose del Cabo.

The Minnesota-based airline didn't re-accommodate travelers from Cabo and Mazatlan on other flights, instead they told them find an alternative way home, while providing full refunds.

In a statement to BMTN, Sun Country said its operations were "slammed" on Saturday, with its Cabo and Mazatlan flights most impacted (full statement below).

In a post on its Facebook page, Sun Country told Mazatlan and Cabo passengers: "These were our last flights for the season, so we do not have another flight to re-accommodate passengers on.

"You will receive a full refund. Flights will need to be purchased on another carrier. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

The Sun Country Facebook page has been flooded by furious customers stuck in Mexico until they can find another flight home.They found it nigh-on impossible to contact a Sun Country agent by phone, but lines constantly busy despite some saying they tried to call hundreds of times.


– A list of how much snow has fallen so far.

– Sun Country is no longer Minnesota-owned.

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One customer, Derek William, wrote: "'Inconvenience' doesn’t even begin to describe the nightmare you left us in by REFUSING to help the 240 people you STRANDED in Cabo yesterday.

"This 'last flight of the season' line is garbage. You were paid well to get us to Cabo and back to MSP and now that you have our money it’s apparently okay to bail on your end of the deal. I can assure you I will NEVER fly your airline again. I understand you can’t control the weather, but you can control how you react in these situations and care for your customers."

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BMTN has reached out to Sun Country for comment. Flights have resumed at MSP Airport on Sunday morning, though many are still experiencing delays and cancelations.

While these were the last Sun Country flights from Mazatlan and Cabo, the airline is still running flights from Cancun.

Thrifty Traveler notes that some Sun Country customers stuck in Cancun would have had an opportunity to get on a later flight (albeit, on Thursday) had they been able to get through to a Sun Country agent. 

Instead, some ended up having to pay $600 each to get on a Delta flight back to MSP on Sunday afternoon.

Sun Country statement

Sun Country sent BMTN this statement just before 2 p.m.,

"The April snow storm has absolutely slammed our MSP operations (and others—we understand there were 495 MSP cancellations yesterday); we had 25 cancellations yesterday and 15 today, plus five diversions and extensive delays due to the airport being closed for nine hours to all operations. The airport disruptions are continuing today; we hear there are 227 cancellations already.

"Our agents are working around the clock, some of whom stayed past their shifts to work overnight in the call center, to provide the best service possible to our passengers impacted by all this.

"The two most challenging recovery situations are definitely our Los Cabos and Mazatlan flights. As soon as we realized we would be unable to re-accommodate these passengers we let them know of the situation and gave them a full airfare refund to make alternative arrangements. For all other flights, we are re-accommodating passengers to get them safely on their way as soon as possible.

"An April snowstorm is an awful way to start or end a getaway and we apologize to everyone inconvenienced by the severe weather. We very much appreciate our customers’ patience and are doing everything we can to help them."

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