After town's only doctor leaves for Rochester, Mayo shuts down regional clinic

Residents of Adams will have to go to Austin, 20 miles away.

The nearly-800 residents of Adams, Minnesota will have to go further to see their GP after the Mayo Clinic announced it'll be shutting down the local clinic.

The Mayo Clinic announced on Friday it's making the "difficult decision" to close its regional clinic in Adams on the May 18.

It follows the departure of its only family doctor, Dr. Scott Holtz, who is joining the Mayo Clinic's primary care practice in Rochester along with his wife, Dr. Carol Holtz, who works in nearby Austin.


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Since Dr. Scott Holtz is the only doctor at the Adams clinic, the Mayo will close it down after deciding it's the "best use of [the clinic's] very limited primary care provider staff."

Said staff will transfer to Austin, a 20-minute away, which is where Adams residents will have to go for their care.

The Mayo says that half of the Adams clinic's patients base were from Austin.

It also served residents of LeRoy, which lost its Mayo regional clinic last year, and who will now face a longer, 35-minute trip to Austin for care.

A "painful" decision

"This decision was not made lightly," said Annie Sadosty, M.D., regional vice president for Mayo Clinic Health System – Southeast Minnesota Region, in a press release.

"The clinic in Adams has a long history as a vital part of the town, first served by Dr. Richard Schindler, and more recently by physician assistant Mary Fargen and Dr. Scott Holtz.

"I have visited Adams and met with the community; they are wonderful people, and it is painful for us to have to close the clinic we all love."

The Mayo is saying it's working with city leaders in Adams and LeRoy about care options, such as having nurse rotating between the towns to help people use the Mayo's "non-visit care options, including our 24/7 Nurse Line and Express Care Online."

Patients will be getting letters soon notifying them of the changes.

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