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Al Franken is resigning – what happens next?

His term was supposed to end in 2021.

Al Franken announced his resignation Thursday after eight women publicly accused him of inappropriate behavior.

What happens now?

  • Gov. Mark Dayton picks someone to temporarily fill the vacancy
  • A new senator will be elected next November to finish Franken's term
  • In 2020, a senator will be elected for the usual six-year term

This November's election will be considered a "special election" because Franken wasn't due to be up for re-election in 2018, so Minnesotans will vote for someone to fill his seat until 2020.

This special election will happen on the already scheduled Election Day.

The last time something like this happened was in 2002 when Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. Gov. Jesse Ventura appointed Dean Barkley to be the temporary fill in. 

However, there wasn't an a special election that time around because Wellstone's seat was already up for grabs that November. 

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