Albert Lea bell ringer, two others ring in a new record

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He did it!

The Albert Lea Tribune reports that the Salvation Army’s national bell-ringing competition ended in a three-way tie on Saturday evening. A determined ringer in Albert Lea joined two other marathoners to set a new record--105 hours of ringing the bell to raise money for the Salvation Army.

KAAL in Austin reported that Captain Jim Brickson of Albert Lea began his quest over a red Salvation Army kettle at the Northbridge Mall at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. He and bell ringers in California and Texas agreed to put down their bells at the same time. The trio beat the previous world record of 80 hours.

Brickson posted via Twitter he was honored to share the record with the other two men.

In 2011, the inaugural year, The Salvation Army World Record Bell Ringing Contest hit a record of 60 hours. In 2012, the record hit 80 hours.

Brickson enjoyed a steady stream of visitors, including groups who come by specifically for a picture with him, while he kept going. He set a financial goal of $35,000 for the marathon venture.

The Salvation Army in Minnesota has struggled with donations this holiday season, although the anonymous donor known as "St. Grand" has again appeared to drop ten hundred dollar bills in red kettles around town, with four separate donations of a thousand dollars.

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