Alex Boone does not like Packer fans at U.S. Bank Stadium

If you're a packers fan, Alex Boone doesn't want you to show up to U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Alex Boone isn't afraid to speak his mind. After the first preseason game at US Bank Stadium he told fans to (politely) "Shut the f*** up" when the offense is on the field.

"[The crowd noise] was great when the defense was up, it was phenomenal,” Boone said. “When the offense is up, just shut up. I can’t say it any simpler than that."

It's so loud at US Bank Stadium that the Houston Texans -- who the Vikings host on Sunday -- are practicing with crowd noise to get used to the hostile environment.

Well how does Boone feel about Packer fans being inside the new stadium? He told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press that he doesn't like them one bit.

Unless there is a playoff game at US Bank Stadium, the Packers won't be back in town until 2017.

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