Amazon has finally failed at something: Fresh grocery delivery

It proves that grocery delivery is really, really hard to perfect.
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It's been a retail success from day one, but Amazon just proved that not everything it touches turns to gold.

Recode on Friday reported the online giant emailed some customers in nine states, telling them the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service will shut down in their neighborhoods later this month.

Affected states include Massachusetts, California and New York – the service had not yet launched in Minnesota. But the company told Recode it would continue to offer the service in parts of big cities including New York, Boston and Chicago.


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Fresh customers pay an extra $14.95 a month – on top of their $99 annual Prime subscription – to get access to fresh and frozen foods, as well as non-perishable food items. They're then delivered on the same or next day as an order.

GrubStreet notes the move is quite a surprise given that Amazon recently bought out Whole Foods, giving it a bricks-and-mortar foothold in the country that potentially could have simplified the delivery process.

That said, the website says it wouldn't be a shock if Amazon began offering fresh food pick-ups at the 400-plus Whole Foods stores in the future.

Amazon does offer delivery of some food in Minnesota through Amazon Prime Now, including produce, household cleaning, snacks, dairy, canned goods, frozen and bakery foods, though it doesn't offer the fresh meat you get through AmazonFresh.

If you live in the Twin Cities you can get this food delivered in two hours.

CNN Money last month reviewed Amazon Fresh and found that despite the convenience of online ordering and delivery, it had limited choices in some grocery categories and some of the produce that arrived didn't look particularly fresh.

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