Amazon Prime members can get discounted Whole Foods turkey – is it a good deal?

Is it a good deal?

After Amazon bought Whole Foods, the company promised it would start offering incentives to Prime members.

And the first of these incentives is aimed firmly at Thanksgiving, with the online giant announcing Wednesday it is offering discounts on turkey for Prime subscribers who buy at Whole Foods.

They'll get 50 cents off whole turkeys (down to $1.99/lb) and whole organic turkeys (down to $2.99/lb) by showing a coupon when they check out.

You can find the coupon here – though you can only see it if you're signed into your Prime account.

Shortly after Amazon bought Whole Foods, prices at the upmarket grocery chain started dropping, but this is the first time a product is being offered at a discounted rate specifically for Prime members.

It's also offering lower prices to all customers on other Thanksgiving staples, including canned pumpkin and organic broccoli, russet potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said the move is "part of our ongoing integration and innovation with Amazon, and we're just getting started."

Is the Prime discount a good deal?

If you're buying turkeys from Whole Foods fresh without a Prime membership, you'll be paying more than at other stores.

Even with the Prime membership you're still buying a more expensive bird, with the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association telling GoMN the average price in the Midwest for a fresh whole turkey ranges from $1.29-$1.99 per pound.

At $1.99/lb with a Prime membership, the Whole Foods bird is at the top of that range.

Across the U.S. it's more expensive, with the average price of a whole fresh turkey ranging from $1.67-$1.70 per pound, based on USDA figures.

That said, it depends on what you want to eat, with Whole Foods' commitment to higher-quality, environmentally sustainable sources meaning you're probably going to get a better quality turkey from them compared to a lower-end grocery store.

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