Amazon is trying to lure you in with another Prime Day

Buy all the things.

Nobody outside of Amazon knows exactly how many Prime subscribers there are. But Amazon wants more.

The online retailer is doing another one of its Prime Day celebration/deal events this year, it announced Thursday. From 7 p.m. central time July 10, through all of July 11, everyone with an Amazon Prime subscription will have access to exclusive deals.

What exactly will be discounted isn't revealed of course. But Amazon promises "hundreds of thousands" of deals, including ones personalized for you.

You can do a 30-day Prime trial for free. Otherwise the regular price is $99 per year (or $10.99 a month). Amazon recently rolled out a discounted Prime for people on government assistance – just $5.99 a month.

So how many people subscribe?

For Amazon, Prime Day is essentially a giant advertisement for Prime – a lure to get people thinking about biting hooked.

In the Prime Day announcement it touts all the benefits. Free two-day shipping, Prime Video, some Prime Music options, Kindle Unlimited, etc.

But the online retailer has always been cagey about telling the public just how many people actually pay to be a Prime member.

CNBC in February said we got a hint about one of Amazon's "best-kept secrets," with a federal filing noting the company made $6.4 billion in retail subscription revenue last year.

In April, the group Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimated there are about 80 million Prime accounts, Business Insider reported. And that's paying off. The group said Prime members tend to spend $1,300 a year on Amazon, compared with about $700 a year for non-Prime shoppers.

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