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Amazon is giving refunds for worthless eclipse glasses

Scammers have been selling glasses that aren't really safe.

People stuck with solar eclipse glasses that won't really protect their eyes can get a refund if they bought the faulty specs on Amazon. 

It came to light this month that some businesses are trying to cash in on the total solar eclipse by hawking glasses and camera filters that are not really strong enough to let you look at the sun without damaging your eyes.

Over the weekend, Amazon began alerting customers who bought glasses that don't make the grade. 

One of those was an Oregon TV station, KGW-TV. The station says Amazon told them its supplier could not verify that the camera filters they bought came from one of the manufacturers recognized as legitimate by the American Astronomical Society.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we have proactively reached out to customers and provided refunds for eclipse glasses that may not comply with industry standards," Amazon's statement said. 

You don't have to return the glasses

Amazon is telling customers they don't have to return the glasses to get a full refund, reports The Verge. And some pages for products that have not been verified as coming from a safe manufacturer were removed from Amazon.

Wisconsin station KWCH reported on a Beloit woman who bought eclipse glasses in bulk – 500 of them – that turned out to be frauds. She says Amazon agreed to refund her money.

With only a week remaining before the eclipse, your best bet for reliable glasses might be to buy them in person. The astronomers group has a list of stores that sell them here

Amazon told the Oregon station that customers who bought safe glasses are not getting any emails about the refunds. 

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