Amazon's new Echo Look has a camera, will judge your outfits

Alexa can see you now.

Alexa, how do I look?

That's the premise behind Amazon's new Echo Look, which was revealed on Wednesday as the latest incarnation of its voice-activated device series – this one fitted with a built-in "depth-sensing" camera and LED lighting.

It allows people to take full-length photos and video using just their voices and is being pitched as a wardrobe accessory, with Amazon saying Alexa will "help you look your best."

"Its built-in lighting and depth-sensing camera help you blur the background to make sure your outfits pop," Amazon said in its launch video.

Alongside the Look, Amazon is also launching Style Check, a new service that combines "machine learning algorithms" with advice some fashion specialists.

So how does it work? You upload two pictures of you wearing outfits, and Style Check will give you a recommendation "based on current trends and what flatters you."

You can also store outfit photos so you can remember which combinations you wore, and when.

It also comes with the usual voice-activated applications available on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

It's pricier though, at $199.99, and right now is only being sold by invitation to U.S. customers, with anyone interested having to register here.

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