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Amazon’s new Spark feature makes it way too easy to buy random things

Amazon Spark is like Instagram, but you can buy a lot more things with it.

This could be dangerous.

Amazon recently launched a new feature for the Amazon app called Amazon Spark. It’s a feed of photos that looks a lot like Instagram – and when you click on a photo in the scrollable feed, it shows you what items in the photo are available to buy through Amazon.

I played around with the feature and it only took me about 5 minutes to determine this was going to be detrimental to my bank account. (I almost bought this “corki” – a corgi shaped wine stopper – seconds after scrolling through the feed.) So impulse shoppers, beware.

Here’s how it works

When you first open it in the Amazon iOS app (it’s under “programs and features” in the app’s menu), a screen comes up where you can pick some of your interests. It looks like this:

After you do that, you can go to your feed. You’ll see a shopping bag in the lower right corner that’ll tell you how many items within the photo are for sale on Amazon.

Like this photo of the Boundary Waters, you can buy two things.

So when you click on the photo, you’ll see yellow circles on the items that you can buy through Amazon (see photo below), and at the bottom is a link to buy the items. When you click it, a new screen comes up where you can buy the item (dangerous, right)?

Amazon Spark also lets you comment on people’s posts or give them a “smile,” which appears to be Amazon’s version of the “like” button.

You can upload your own photos too, as well as links to things you’ve recently bought on Amazon, and polls. I tried it with a photo I took in Ireland using the trusty selfie stick (don’t mock me) I bought on Amazon. It gives you an option to tag purchasable items – so I added said selfie stick:

Amazon Spark isn’t available for everyone, yet. You can only use it if you’re a Prime member who is in the U.S., and it’s only available on iPhone (Android coming later, Amazon’s website promises).

You can read more about Amazon Spark on Amazon’s website here.

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