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Amid condemnation from Senate colleagues, support still remains for Al Franken

There are plenty of people unhappy with the senator's possible resignation.

– Al Franken will deliver a speech from the Senate floor at 10:45 a.m. CT.

While leading Democrats in the Senate are calling on him to step down, there remains support from many who want Al Franken to keep fighting.

Followers have been flooding the senator's Facebook page begging him not to resign.

"There are degrees to the transgressions against women and Franken has paid for his. Resigning is not equal to the offense," one commenter, Mira Hayashi, said on his Facebook page. "He's on our side and if we keep attacking our own, holding them to higher standards than we hold the other side, we'll lose."

This is a common theme among supporters who feel Democratic leaders are quick to punish their own members, while not doing more to hold President Donald Trump accountable for the sexual misconduct of which he's been accused.

Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations, with his spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders going so far as to say that more than a dozen women who have accused him of historical sexual assault are lying.

Franken has categorically denied one allegation, but has responded to the others with a mixture of remorse and explanations of misunderstanding or misremembering.

Throughout it all, however, he has been at pains to not to reject the experiences of his accusers at a time when women are finally having their voices heard about sexual harassment and abuse they are subjected to on a daily basis.

In doing so, he's given critics enough ammunition to call for his resignation, leaving supporters furious that Republicans are not facing the same consequences for similar or even more severe allegations.

"I believe some people can recognize their faults and change. I believe you are one of them. Stay the course," Melissa Turnus wrote on Franken's page.

Others have had their say on Twitter, with some arguing that we should wait until the end of the Senate Ethics Investigation into his conduct.

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