Amid GOP turmoil in DC, John Kline's name is linked to 'caretaker' Speaker role


U.S. Rep. John Kline of Minnesota is being linked to a possible caretaker position as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, ahead of the resignation of John Boehner.

Kline, who represents Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, is stepping away from Congress himself next year having revealed last month he won't stand for re-election next year.

But that isn't stopping him from being linked with a temporary position as the Speaker on a tumultuous day for Republicans on the Hill, after the frontrunner to become speaker, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, withdrew his name from consideration.

USA Today has Kline on its list of possible replacements for Speaker Boehner, who will step down at the end of this month, with the intention that the successor would preside only over the remainder of the 114th Congress.

And the idea of giving Kline an illustrious end to a his political career has gained traction throughout the day, according to MinnPost, which says that Kline is the "most powerful and well-liked" among the retiring GOP representatives.

A spokesman for the Congressman didn't rule it out either, telling MinnPost: "Congressman Kline is confident House Republicans will select someone who can do what’s best for our country and this institution."

Rep. Kline was noted for being a close ally of Speaker Boehner, whose resignation came after pressure exerted by more conservative elements within the GOP. It is this same pressure that has been cited as a possible reason that Rep. McCarthy pulled out on Thursday.

One person particularly happy with Rep. McCarthy's withdrawal was former Minnesota Representative and Tea Party proponent Michele Bachmann, who tweeted her reaction on Thursday afternoon.

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