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Amplatz Children's nurses create YouTube hit with 'Brave'


The University of Minnesota's Amplatz Children's Hospital nurse who created a new hit YouTube video tells WCCO that she gets a familiar reaction when she tells people she is a pediatric nurse: That must be tough.

Not so, Natalie Snyder says. In fact, it's fun. And to show the world just how inspiring their patients are, the nurses of Unit 5 created a video (see it below) that has become an online sensation, with nearly 250,000 views.

“It’s not all sad and tears here,” Snyner tells WCCO. “It’s fun and 95 percent of the days that I come to work, I have a ball.”

Patient Sarah Ewald says of the Amplatz staff, “It’s like all these people kinda turn into your family."

HuffingtonPost picked up the story, noting, "The heartwarming video involves a little bit of lip-synching, a little bit of hip-swinging, a little bit of NERF gun-shooting, and a whole lotta smiling."

The video brought tears to the eyes of the singer of the hit song, Sara Bareilles, who tweeted:

Check it out :

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