An apple a day? He bites 500

For the past 32 years, University of Minnesota apple breeder David Bedford has been keeping the doctor away ... in a big way. He's tasted 500 to 600 apples a day during the apple harvest, the U's Minnesota Daily reports. The university’s 124-year-old fruit breeding program is one of three left in the country. “I don’t eat many apples,” Bedford said. “I taste many apples.”
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For many Minnesotans who trek out to an apple orchard this time of year, it can be a real treat to bite into one fresh from the tree. But imagine having to do that 500 to 600 times a day.

That's part of the job for University of Minnesota apple breeder David Bedford, who for 32 years has tasted hundreds of apples a day during the peak time of the year, the Minnesota Daily reports. His wife says their kitchen is apple-free, and a colleague at Cornell University says, “It’s safe to say that at David’s house and mine there’s not apple pie."

Bedford was a big part of the development of the Honeycrisp apple, named the state fruit in 2006, and the crown jewel of the 124-year-old fruit breeding program at the university.

Millions of Honeycrisp trees have been planted worldwide. It has generated $6.3 million for the institution, making it among the school's top five most lucrative inventions, City Pages noted in a lengthy 2008 story about Bedford and how the apple variety was discovered and developed.

Bedford is featured in this video about the Sweetango, which he also developed:

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