An arrest in Minnesota – tied to a 2005 Arizona cold case


A Minnesota man sitting in a Scott County jail will soon be extradited to Arizona for a killing that happened 10 years ago.

52-year-old David Reed, a Mesa-area musician, was found fatally shot in his truck on Oct. 16, 2005, outside a now-closed bar called the Friendly Irish Pub, according to the Arizona Republic.

There were few leads in the soon-to-be cold case, but one piece of the puzzle proved frustratingly elusive for investigators – the mysterious man that Reed had been seen with the night of his death. His only distinguishing feature was a star-shaped tattoo near the corner of his eye, the Republic notes.

The motive for the shooting remained elusive as well, as there was nothing suggesting that Reed and this unidentified man had been in any kind of confrontation prior to the musician's death, KPHO notes.

The 46-year-old man arrested in Minnesota in connection with Reed's killing has a tattoo matching the one described to police 10 years ago. (Note: BringMeTheNews generally does not name a suspect until they've been charged.)

According to KPHO, DNA evidence from the crime scene was also matched to the suspect, leading to his arrest.

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