An original Monopoly piece is getting the boot

Monopoly let people vote online.

Peace out, thimble.

One of the original six Monopoly pieces, the thimble, is about to be ousted from the board game after a public vote.

Hasbro had been taking votes at for which token should be saved.

"Not the thimble," appears to have won – Monopoly announced on its Facebook page Thursday morning the thimble got the "thumbs down." Their post suggests others could be cut too.

Monopoly did this in 2013 too. The old iron was kicked out, with a cat brought in to replace it.

The replacement token for the thimble will be announced on March 19, which is apparently World Monopoly Day.

That still leaves the above-mentioned cat, battleship, shoe, race car, top hat, Scottie dog and wheelbarrow pieces.

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