An SUV landed on some cars – instead of calling police, people took pictures

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Police in Iowa are reminding people to say something if they see something.

This comes after a driver lost control Tuesday morning and landed their SUV on top of multiple parked cars at Iowa State University, ISU police wrote on Facebook.

The crash happened at the Armory on the college's campus around 10:08 a.m., KCCI reports.

But no one called police to report the incident, the Facebook post notes.

"When officers arrived, there were multiple people standing around the scene taking pictures."

Police said they encourage people to call police if they see something disruptive or concerning.

Officials also reminded people that careless driving affects more than just you, noting: "Everyone is at risk when drivers aren't cautious."

Police told KCCI the driver apparently got the brake and gas pedals confused, noting the vehicle seems to have driven off a nearby road, over the sidewalk, into the parking lot and then landed on top of the other cars.

Four vehicles had "significant damage," the news station notes. But no one was injured, police said.

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