Analysts not doing cartwheels for Target's new deal-sharing program


Is Target Corp.'s new digital retailing collaboration with Facebook, dubbed Cartwheel, too complicated for shoppers?

Some retail experts are not sold on the 'new spin on saving', which the Minneapolis-based retail giant rolled out last week.

“This is an interesting effort to link mobile and digital couponing with the reach and social aspects of Facebook,” Neil Stern, senior partner at McMillanDoolittle, a Chicago-based retail consultancy, tells Marketing Daily. “It could also be less relevant here in many categories -- am I really going to share with friends that I added a dozen eggs to my cart?”

The beta version of Cartwheel invites shoppers to earn in-store savings by sharing Target deals with their friends on the world's largest social networking site.

Target hopes the digital-sales service will help lure more foot-traffic in brick-and-mortar stores as the company battles online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

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