And in 2018 election news (yep, seriously) here's the first person running for governor - Bring Me The News

And in 2018 election news (yep, seriously) here's the first person running for governor

Minnesota has never had a female governor.

The past 10 days, it seems like all anyone has talked about is the election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and what it means for the country. It's everywhere.

So now's a perfect time to think about voting in an election that's almost two years away.

Erin Murphy, a representative in the Minnesota House, announced Thursday she's going to run to be Minnesota's governor – an office that isn't up for election until Nov. 6, 2018. (That's 718 days, if you're counting.)

Murphy is a DFL lawmaker from St. Paul, and has been in the state Legislature since first being elected in 2006. She cruised to a sixth term on Election Day in 2016, beating her Republican challenger 79 percent to 20 percent.

This two-year term could be it for her in the Minnesota House, however.

"I love our state and I know how capable we are," Murphy said in her announcement. "We have a lot to be proud of and to celebrate. Minnesotans’ hard work and thoughtfulness created communities and a state that, for many, is the best in the nation to go to school, find a job, start a business and raise a family.

"But for too many that’s not their reality. Too many of our neighbors are feeling forgotten, working harder than ever just to survive. Too many are at risk of falling further behind, and too many are not getting the opportunities they need to make progress."

Murphy is the first person to throw their hat in the ring for the gubernatorial race.

So what about the current governor, Mark Dayton?

He's indicated in the past he has no interest in running for re-election in 2018. He first took the office with the 2010 election, then won again in 2014.

Minnesota's governors serve four-year terms, and there is no term limit – so if Dayton, a Democrat, decided to run for a third go-round, he could.

Minnesota by the way has never had a female governor. Heck, they've all been white men so far. So Murphy's bid is also a bid for history in the state.

She said she's filed paperwork with the state's Campaign Finance Board, and will share specifics of her plans in the near future.

"We need to work together to solve the big challenges ahead of us, instead of chasing short-term fixes that work for our politics but not our future," she said, adding: "We need to confront the things that are dividing us; geography, gender, race and class, and recognize that there are others we can’t see or understand. We need to do this because we are in this together and our future depends on the success of each of us."

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