Animal cruelty charges pending against Pine River dog breeders

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The Associated Press reports that animal cruelty charges are pending against the owners of a dog breeding operation in the city of Pine River.

The AP says more than more than 130 dogs were seized and one carcass was recovered from the facility in northern Minnesota. Authorities removed 29 puppies and 104 grown dogs from the property Tuesday.

The Animal Humane Society, the Pine River Police Department and the Heartland Animal Rescue Team assisted in the search, the AP reports.

The attorney for the owners of the dog breeding operation tells the Star Tribune that the investigation is part of a politicized effort to bring about state regulation of the dog-breeding industry. Operations, such as his client's, are federally inspected and licensed, attorney Stephen Grigsby tells the paper.

Grigsby also said that the dog that died was 14 years old and succumbed to natural causes and not at the hands of any neglect or abuse.

KARE 11 reports the Animal Humane Society is evaluating the dogs and providing necessary medical care.

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