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Animal rights group releases another hog video, alleges cruelty


An animal rights group released a video on Tuesday that the group says shows animal cruelty at a hog farm in Pipestone, including the slamming of piglets to death on a floor.

The video narrated by actor James Cromwell (you can see it here – be warned the footage is graphic) was shot undercover by an employee at Rosewood Farms for the group Mercy For Animals, the Star Tribune reports. It shows sows kept in cramped gestation pens, which is common in the industry. It also shows piglets being castrated and having their tails cut off.

The group specifically targets Walmart, which the Pipestone farm ultimately supplies with pork.

But the company that operates the hog farm says the practices shown in the video meet hog industry guidelines, the Star Tribune reports.

Mercy For Animals also made headlines last year when it released video from another hog producer, Minnesota-based Christensen Family Farms.

After the video release, Costco Wholesale Corp. was among those that joined a list of retailers and restaurants that seek to pressure suppliers to phase out cramped pens for pregnant sows.

Christensen Farms responded to the video in some detail, noting that the video was dated and that images were intentionally taken out of context.

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