Annual police sweep targets domestic violence suspects

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Law enforcement agencies fanned out across Ramsey County Wednesday in search of 92 domestic violence suspects.

The sweep, in which officers attempt to serve arrest warrants, has become an annual part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for more than 200 law enforcement agencies across the country, the Pioneer Press reports. This year St. Paul and four other cities took part, along with the county sheriff's office and federal agents.

A St. Paul police commander tells the newspaper the targets were the "heavy hitters" among domestic violence suspects, including multiple offenders and those with multiple victims.

MPR reports that a dozen suspects had been arrested by the afternoon, and describes the sweep as an attempt to put a public face on what is normally a very private crime.

The idea for a National Family Violence Apprehension Detail originated in Clackamas County, Oregon, eleven years ago. The sheriff's department website says last year's sweep resulted in more than 750 arrests.

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