Anoka man charged with drinking beer and watching TV – in someone else's house


There's nothing wrong with cracking open a cold one and watching TV in the middle of the night – as long as it's in your own house.

But when her barking dog woke her up one night in April, a woman from Blaine found an intruder doing just that in her living room, according to a criminal complaint filed in Anoka County.

The man, identified as Leroy Graham Jr., was holding a flashlight the homeowner recognized as one from her own garage, where she later learned he had spent time drinking beer and watching TV while she slept, the charges say.

Graham later admitted to investigators that he'd entered the unlocked garage without permission.

Why he did it is a curious matter – according to the criminal complaint, Graham told the homeowner that a mobile phone app had led him to her house, where he believed he would find a "cold drink," and his wife – whom he believed was being unfaithful.

He also admitted to being high on meth at the time of the crime.

He's charged with one count of burglary in the first degree, and another count of burglary in the second degree. The former charge carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

KSTP says he'll answer to those charges in his first court appearance on Oct. 15.

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