Another dangerously frigid morning in Minnesota


Once again it's dangerously cold in Minnesota, with temps mainly at or below zero and wind chills pushing things further down. Here's a brief look at the questions you probably have about the forecast, and some answers:

How cold is it right now?

Pretty darn cold, though not quite as frigid as some of the worst days last week.

The Twin Cities metro area is hovering right around zero. Head to the southern third of the state, and it's in the single-digit negatives. The west-central region is right around 11 below zero, with temps becoming a few degrees colder as you head north.

The coldest spot? Well that goes to Crane Lake, once again, which is at minus 33 degrees.

How about with wind?

There is a wind chill advisory issued through late Thursday morning for basically the entire state.

Expect 25 to 40 degrees below zero for the northland, including from the Fargo-Moorhead area east to the Lake Superior shore.

In central Minnesota, wind chill values will be about the same, but start to warm slightly the further south you head.

Think 25-30 below for the Twin Cities and the southern portion of the state.

How cold will it be today?

Still pretty cold. But a bit warmer Friday and into the weekend.

Here's a look at the forecast:

Twin Cities: High of 9 degrees, winds N/NW at 5-10 mph. Dropping to 10 below Thursday night, with a high of 13 Friday and a high of 21 Saturday. [Click here for more.]

Duluth: NW winds at 5-10 mph with a high of 9 Thursday. On Friday that'll jump up to 17, before reaching into the low 20s on Saturday and Sunday. [Click here for more.]

Rochester: Breezy, with a high of just 6. After an overnight low of 12 below zero, temps could reach 10 degrees Friday. A high of 17 Saturday – and it could get near 30 on Sunday. [Click here for more.]

Moorhead: Very cold, barely getting above zero Thursday then dropping to negative 14 at night. On Friday a high of 13, before things settle into the 20s over the weekend. [Click here for more.]

Marshall: Temps will only reach about 2 degrees Thursday with a NW wind about 15 mph. Sunny with a high of 14 Friday, before getting into the 20s on Saturday and Sunday. [Click here for more.]

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