Moorhead Good Samaritan surprised by anonymous reward


The young woman who gave police $2800 she found in a Moorhead McDonald's parking lot found another $2800 Friday night. But this time it was in a box gift-wrapped for her, according to the Fargo Forum.

WDAY-TV reporter Kevin Wallevand handed Katie Clark a gift box full of 28 crisp $100 bills. He presented the gift just before a varsity basketball game in Hawley, Minnesota. Clark is an assistant coach for the Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton boys' team. Wallevand said an anonymous donor asked WDAY to present Clark with the gift after seeing her story in the news.

Clark, a Minnesota State University -Moorhead sophomore, found the envelope full of cash lying in the snow. Thanks to a bank slip found with the money, police were able track down the rightful owner, a man from Sabin, who had withdrawn the cash to buy a pickup truck.

“I knew that if I was in that situation, I would be freaking out. It was the right thing to be done.” Clark told WDAY. “I would be very thankful if someone did that for me.”

WDAY's Wallevand said he read Clark a note from the anonymous donor.

"Erica, you're an inspiration. You've demonstrated the integrity and honesty that this world can use today. Hopefully, your story has touched many hearts and has inspired others to do what's right. Please accept this anonymous gift of $2800 to show that your actions have not gone unnoticed. God Bless and Merry Christmas."

Another anonymous donor left a $200 check for Clark at The Forum.

Clark said she is surprised and overwhelmed. She said she plans to use some of the money for Christmas presents.

The recognition is reminiscent of another recent cascade of rewards for a local Good Samaritan.

A young Dairy Queen manager in Hopkins found himself in the spotlight after returning $20 to a sight-impaired customer who didn't know she dropped it.

His action inspired a number of pay-it-forward gifts, where people are moved to give by other acts of generosity and kindness.

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