Another train-car crash along Green Line in countdown to kickoff


Metro Transit Police are investigating another crash involving a car that collided with a light-rail train.

The incident happened around 10:40 Sunday night near the offices of the Minneapolis Star Tribune on Portland Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. The newspaper reports that the driver of the vehicle, a young woman, was "shaken but not seriously injured," adding that the front end of her car was heavily damaged. A small front-side panel of the Green Line train was knocked loose.

There have been three other crashes along the line as train testing has stepped up.

The new 12-mile, $1 billion Green Line that connects downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis is set to debut later this week, with numerous Grand Opening festivities scheduled starting on June 14.

The Pioneer Press reports Metro Transit is working to keep the new line safe from potential problems. The newspaper notes that while much of the Blue Line runs along a highway, the Green Line will run down "...what had been a gritty urban street and through some of the poorest neighborhoods in St. Paul."

To keep riders safe, there are cameras on trains and at stations and 22 transit cops will work on the new line.

"We want to be prepared," Metro Transit Police Chief John Harrington told the newspaper. "We want folks who are on the train or waiting on the platforms to feel safe and see a visible police presence on the line."

KARE reports that a lot is riding on the new line, which is expected to alter the communities adjacent to the tracks. The Met Council expects more than $2 billion will be invested in more than 120 projects built or planned within a half mile of the new Green Line service.

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