Another WaPo journalist dissed Minnesota

So we assume he'll also be moving here as an apology.

Another writer for the Washington Post dissed Minnesota, and the internet is not taking it lying down.

Apparently Pulitzer Prize winner David Fahrenthold learned nothing from his colleague Christopher Ingraham, who tried to talk smack about our state a couple years ago and ended up eating his words.

In case you missed it: Ingraham called Red Lake County in northwestern Minnesota the ugliest county in the whole U.S. and the "absolute worst place to live." So being nice Minnesotans, the people of Red Lake invited Ingraham to visit, and HE ENDED UP MOVING THERE YOU GUYS. You can't make this stuff up.

Fahrenthold must not know about the wrath of the indignant Minnesotan or he's trolling, because he tweeted some fighting words Monday morning.

While promoting a live podcast appearance in Washington with legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, Fahrenthold joked that the two would put on a Garrison Keillor-inspired performance.

"Woodward will sing twee songs w/ a mandolin. I'll tell long stories whose point is 'Never go to Minnesota'," he tweeted.

Okay, to be fair, this was just a tweet, not a full article like Ingraham's, but who are we kidding? The gloves are off.

Only 13 minutes after Fahrenthold's tweet, Indignant Minnesotan fired back with a truth bomb.

And then the Minnesotans of Twitter took it from there.

"Uh....We have the Mall of America. Do you not like America!? Sad!" one tweeter wrote.

"I thought you were different," another scoffed. "Turns out you’re just another East Coaster with a lot to learn."

And the moment we were waiting for – Ingraham chimed in with some wise words for his WaPo brother: "Don't mess with Minnesota."

Aww, we think we'll keep you, Ingraham. 

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