How a Minnesota college student's Jeopardy appearance went

Jennifer Katz's episode aired Tuesday.

How did Macalester College sophomore Jennifer Katz do on Jeopardy Tuesday?

(Spoilers ahead, obviously).

Katz took second place in the quarterfinals match of the College Championship tournament, ending the day with $12,100. Viraj Mehta from Stanford won with a total of $23,000.

For some reason, episodes of Jeopardy aren't available to stream online anywhere. But this YouTube user with a camera snagged the Final Jeopardy round.

Katz went into the last leg needing a lot of help – she had a total of $6,100, while Mehta was sitting pretty with a whopping $23,000. The third-place finisher, Hannah Whisnant, had $7,000. posts the final clues every day. The category for Katz and co. was "Writers," and the clue: "A New Orleans literary festival in his honor includes various panels, a walking tour & a Stanley & Stella shouting contest."

The correct response: "Who is Tennessee Williams?"

Katz nailed it, and wagered $6,000 to bring her total to $12,100. Whisnant had an incorrect answer and wagered all but $1, so she dropped to the bottom.

And Mehta also had the wrong answer, but smartly wagered $0.

Katz can still get a spot in the semifinals by having one of the four highest totals among non-winners from the week. She's already behind though, since Monday's loser had $18,000. So she'll need some help from contestants the rest of the week.

The original story from Tuesday is below.

"What is Macalaster College?" is the correct response to that answer.

Jennifer Katz, a sophomore at the St. Paul liberal arts school, will appear on Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy.

She's taking part in the quarterfinals of the College Championship tournament, which started Monday and runs through Feb. 24.

Katz, who is from Atlanta, is going up against Viraj Mehta from Stanford, and Hannah Whisnant with the United States Military Academy.

A total of 15 students are taking part. The winner Tuesday and during each other quarterfinals episode gets a spot in the semifinals (as will the top four non-winners). The champion scores $100,000, and a berth in the next Tournament of Champions.

You can see Katz offer a little insight into her preparation process in this preview video.

Jeopardy airs at 4:30 p.m. on KARE 11 in the Twin Cities. You can use this channel finder to get your local time and channel.

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