Anthony Bourdain name-checks Minneapolis as an unexpected 'foodie' city


Chefs of Minneapolis, good job!

While the city may not have the culinary fame (yet) of New York and New Orleans, the exciting work going on in Minneapolis kitchens has not gone unnoticed by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

The TV chef was hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit on Tuesday when a commenter asked him: "What is the most unexpected "foodie" city in the US?"

"Nashville, TN; Asheville, NC; Minneapolis, for a very long time had really good food and a lot of great chefs," he answered, before going on to class Los Angeles as "wildly underrated."

It shouldn't be a surprise to Minneapolitans. There has been growing buzz about the city's restaurant scene, with its chefs regularly featuring as nominees in the prestigious James Beard Awards.

And last year, Saveur magazine named Minneapolis as "America's next great food city," with similar accolades coming from Zagat and Food and Wine.

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