Anti-gay marriage group buys TV air time

A group supporting the proposed amendment that would ban gay marriage in Minnesota will begin airing ads on television. Minnesota for Marriage bought air time on KARE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis.
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Minnesota for Marriage made its first TV ad buy at KARE-TV, the Twin Cities NBC affiliate. The Associated Press reports the group supporting the proposed marriage amendment that would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota paid $186,300 for 162 30-second commercials.

Freedom to Marry, a group fighting to defeat the amendment, began airing TV ads last month.

The state's amendment debate recently made national headlines after Minnesota for Marriage cited a controversial University of Texas study that claims children raised by same-sex parents were more likely to end up on welfare. Critics of the study say it doesn't document the failure of same-sex marriage, but documents the failure of broken and unstable households preceded by same sex marriage.

Funding for the study comes from the Witherspoon Institute as well as the Bradley Foundation. Both institutions are well known for supporting conservative causes, the Examiner reports.

Minnesota for Marriage uses the study for their online series of videos:

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Freedom to Marry, a national group fighting to defeat the ballot measure to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman, will air its first television advertisement in Minnesota on Thursday. MPR reports the 30-second ad will run on television and cable networks in the Twin Cities and Duluth. It features a Duluth couple who have been married for nearly 60 years. Yvonne and Fred Peterson say gay couples should also be allowed to marry.

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And next ... law that allows gay marriage in Minnesota?

Gay marriage advocates, fresh from winning a fight over a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex unions, is already planning for what they say is the next logical step. State law still does not allow for gay marriage. They aim to change that.