Anti-Trump demonstrators shut down I-94 in Minneapolis for an hour

For a second night, Donald Trump's critics took to the streets in the Twin Cities

An anti-Donald Trump rally in the Twin Cities drew thousands of people Thursday evening, with some of them marching onto Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, stopping traffic on one of the state's busiest roads for a time.

The demonstration began with a rally at the University of Minnesota's West Bank campus. More than 3,000 people had indicated on Facebook that they would attend, the Pioneer Press reports.

The rally later turned into a march through Minneapolis streets. Some of the protesters then marched off onto I-94 at Cedar Ave., police said.

The crowd on the Interstate was estimated in the hundreds.

Unlike a protest that occupied I-94 in St. Paul this summer, Thursday night's incident led to no immediate reports of violence against either police or protesters.

KARE 11 says protesters first blocked the Interstate at about 8 p.m. The Star Tribune says it was clear of demonstrators at about 9 o'clock after transportation officials had closed it between Huron and Hennepin Avenues.

One of the organizers of the rally at the U of M told WCCO  people are protesting the racism and sexism they feel President-elect Donald Trump represents.

“We want to show that we don’t accept that this sexism, racism or bigotry can stand, and that we won’t let any of his policies that he’s talked about through his campaign go forward,” organizer Ginger Jentzen told the station.

The Minneapolis march was larger than one held the night before in St. Paul.

Similar demonstrations have been held in several U.S. cities since Trump won Tuesday's presidential election.

Trump was at the White House Tuesday for a meeting with President Obama to begin discussing the transition to the new administration. Both men were enthusiastic after the meeting, with Obama calling it "excellent" and Trump saying he looks forward to more chances to get the president's counsel.

In the evening when another round of protests broke out around the country, Trump responded on Twitter.

On Friday morning, he sent out another tweet.

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