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Anyone else notice that Granlund = Crosby for 3 months?

Mikael Granlund has scored as many points as Sidney Crosby over the last three months.

If Sidney Crosby is an MVP candidate, then Mikael Granlund has been playing at an MVP level since December.

After a relatively slow start in October and November, the Minnesota Wild winger has been a beast, racking up points in 29 of 38 games since the start of December. That's at least one point 76.3% of his games.

Actually, Granlund's tallied at least one point in 29 of his last 36 games (he went scoreless in the first two games of December). That's a whopping 80%, which is what Crosby has done all season with points in 42 of 54 games.

Granlund = Crosby

What we're trying to say is, Granlund, from a points perspective, has been Crosby's equal.

Seriously. We're not messing with you. Granlund and Crosby both have 42 points in their last 36 games.

At the end of the season Crosby will be in the MVP mix and Granlund probably won't. But just because he's not an NHL household name doesn't mean he's not playing like one.

Granlund's latest superstar-like moment came 12 seconds into overtime when he went coast-to-coast for the game-winning goal Monday night against the Kings.

For a guy who just turned 25 years old on Sunday, there's still time for Granlund to become a household name in the NHL.

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