Appeals court judges hear Senser's appeal, have 90 days to rule


A three-judge appeals court panel has 90 days to rule on Amy Senser's appeal of her vehicular homicide conviction.

The judges listened to arguments Wednesday and questioned both Senser's lawyer and a Hennepin County prosecutor. As the Star Tribune reports, attorney Eric Nelson argued Senser cannot be guilty of homicide if she did not realize she had hit someone with her SUV.

Nelson argued the court can reasonably infer Senser did not know she'd fatally struck Anousone Phanthavong as he put gas in his car on a freeway exit ramp. Lee Barry of the Hennepin County Attorney's office argued the jury concluded she did not know and there's no reason to overturn the verdict.

Other issues raised in the appeal include a note from jurors that Nelson says shows potential confusion during the deliberations.

Senser is serving a 41-month prison sentence. The appellate judges could let her conviction stand, reverse it, or order a new trial.

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Senser asks judge for lighter sentence with no jail time

Her lawyer argues probation would be an appropriate sentence for Amy Senser, who is "deeply remorseful" about killing a many with her SUV last summer. Her vehicular homicide conviction could get Senser up to four years in prison when she's sentenced on Monday.

Amy Senser's attorney appeals conviction in hit-and-run death

Amy Senser's attorney filed an appeal Friday over Senser's conviction in the hit-and-run death of Anousone Phanthavong. The 33-page filing in Hennepin County District Court alleges nearly a dozen "abuses of discretion" by the trial judge and seeks her release from jail during the appeals process. Senser was sentenced last month to 3 1/2 years at the Minnesota women's prison in Shakopee.