Apple releases a cheaper iPad aimed at schools and students

It's still pretty pricey, particularly if you want the added 'pencil.'
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What's happening?

Apple revealed a new iPad on Tuesday that is aimed at schools, educators and students alike.

It's refreshed 9.7-inch iPad was unveiled at an education event in Chicago and is now available in Apple stores.

How is it aimed at schools?

Well it's cheaper, for one thing. Its 32gb version retails at $329, the same as its cheapest existing iPad model, but contains the faster A10 Fusion chip.

But schools will be able to buy the iPad for the discount price of $299. 

What makes it particularly attractive to school districts is that it's compatible with  Apple's Pencil style.

Previously the cheapest iPad that was stylus compatible was the iPad Pro, which AppleInsider reports costs $688 including the Apple Pencil.

The $299 iPad, complete with a $10 discount on the $99 Pencil, would bring the total for schools to $388 per student.

Cnet notes that Apple has been losing out in recent years to Google's Chromebook, which schools have been buying instead as its cost ranges from only $250 to $300.

Now Apple has unleashed a device that is significantly more powerful than Chromebooks, but at a similar cost.

The cost can be cut further if schools opt to buy the "Crayon" stylus launched by Apple and Logitech on Tuesday, which is aimed at younger students and costs just $49, The Verge reports.

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