Apple's new laptops: Fancy Touch Bar, but no USB ports for your iPhone

Fancy customizable Touch Bar? Yep! But you'll need an adapter to plug in your new iPhone.

First, they got rid of the heaphone jack on the iPhone.

Now, Apple is deciding its first new laptops in four years don't need USB ports or function keys – but they do have a touch bar as a replacement. Oh, and the laptops do have headphone jacks.

The latest Macbook Pro laptops, were introduced by Apple at an event Thursday. Here's a look at the big changes.

So what is that Touch Bar thing?

Then there's one of its most talked about new features: the Touch Bar.

Apple says the thin Retina display touch screen stretches across the top of the computer (where the escape key, brightness and volume control usually are).

Apple posted a video to Twitter demonstrating what it can do.

It's a customizable place to store different commands, and can also be used to add emojis to text or pay for things via fingerprint. Touch ID can also be used to log on or switch users.

And the Touch Bar can show different options based on what program you're using: tabs in Safari, emojis while in Messages, or editing options if you're messing with video and audio.

But can I still plug stuff into it?

Taking a closer look at all those plugins, you'll see Apple hasn't ditched the headphone jack like it did with the iPhone 7.

But it has ditched standard USB ports, in favor of smaller Thunderbolt 3 ports that Engaget says are the same shape as USB-C.

TechCrunch reports Apple's also gotten rid of the SD card slot, HDMI port, Thunderbolt 2 ports, and charging port (though AppleInsider says you can just use any of those four Thunderbolt 3 ports to plug in and charge it).

How much?

Sound nice? Well, check your bank account before plunking the money down.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is priced at $1,799, and the 15-inch one is $2,399.

There is a cheaper version though. It just doesn't have that fancy Touch Bar. That one rings up at $1,499.

You can see all the other new improvements – a better display, upgraded processors, bigger trackpad, etc. etc. – on Apple's website.

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