April 1: Some of our favorite 'Fools Day' pranks

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Clear coffee? Advertising on the moon? "Selfie elbow" a new affliction? It seems like everyone is getting into the act this April Fools Day.

Here's a list of some of the more popular pranks we've seen in Minnesota today.

Caribou Debuts First Clear Coffee

Como Zoo brings back Ella Fint, Mr. Wolf

TPT Pets -- A public television station just for animals

Minnesota passes Historic Resources Equity Act -- Historic buildings must be moved between St. Paul and Minneapolis

Spring Back? Saint Paul to Opt Out of Daylight Savings Time

Motorboats banned on MN lakes -- A prank by a radio station that created a bit of a stir

space150 Launches MoonProof -- Advertising on the moon via Google Glass

A new, Ely-only cable TV channel

U of M researchers identify "selfie elbow"

If you're looking for a sweet treat for the fool in your life, this bakery is for you: Maple Grove Company Makes April Fools’ Cupcakes 

And finally, we assume that Minnesota's junior senator has a sense of humor; he might get a kick out of this tweet:

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