Are voters changing their minds on whether they think Al Franken should resign?

A new poll of Minnesota voters found them split on whether the senator should step down.

The Essentials

1. A lot of Minnesotans still support Sen. Al Franken. Public Policy Polling found half of the Minnesota voters it surveyed think Franken should not resign – a move he announced after multiple women accused him of inappropriate touching.

2. But what about the other half? Well 42 percent of respondents said he should go through with the planned resignation, and 8 percent weren't sure. So there's still plenty of support for Franken leaving.

3. Franken plans to step down on Jan. 2, with successor Tina Smith taking his place the following day.

What Else You Should Know

Polling done since the accusations first surfaced has been mixed.

(A quick note: Because of how these polls vary, this won't be a perfect 1-1 comparison – it's just to get a broad view of how people's feelings may have changed.)

In general about 1 in 5 people had been saying Franken should stay in office, whether it's Minnesotans or national voters being asked. 

On the flip side, a larger percentage of people have consistently said he should resign. That figure has ranged anywhere from 33 percent to 63 percent. Undecideds were a pretty big piece of the pie in the initial two polls, and still notable in the third.

Support for Franken staying (at least within Minnesota) may have increased in recent weeks, according to this newest Public Policy Polling poll. But the percentage of people who believe he should leave the Senate is within the range it always has been. 

It's possible those who had been undecided have now made up their mind and – for whatever reason – are in favor of Franken staying in place.

Politico/Morning Consult – Nov. 16-19

  • 22 percent of national voters thought Franken should not resign
  • 50 percent said he should resign
  • 28 percent didn't know

KSTP/SurveyUSA poll – Nov. 20-21

  • 22 percent of Minnesotans said Franken should not resign
  • 33 percent said he should resign
  • 46 percent wanted to wait for ethics investigation results or weren't sure

Public Policy Polling – Dec. 11-12

  • 21 percent of national registered voters disagreed with Franken's decision to resign
  • 63 percent agreed with his resignation
  • 15 percent weren't sure

Politico/Morning Consult – Dec. 26-27

  • 50 percent of Minnesota voters think Franken should not resign
  • 42 percent say he should resign
  • 8 percent don't know

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