Army recruiter speaks out about Roseville parking lot hit-and-run


One of the two Army recruiters injured by a suspected hit-and-run driver is speaking out about the ordeal, KARE-TV reports.

Sgt. Michael Stroud, 29, and Sgt. First Class Travis Torgerson, 42, were in a parking lot near the Rosedale Mall in Roseville Tuesday when they were struck by a vehicle going about 10-12 mph, officials says. Stroud was sent flying while Torgerson was dragged by the vehicle.

Stroud tells KARE that he was hit and "went up and over the hood and I landed about fifteen feet up on the sidewalk."

Stroud didn't sustain any major injuries, but Torgerson, who was dragged a half mile, suffered a broken leg and ankle. Police say at one point, the driver stopped and tried to kick Torgerson from under the vehicle.

Torgerson was eventually able to free himself from under the vehicle when the suspect took off on foot, police say.

The man, Enrico Darius Taylor, 52, of St. Paul was arrested on suspicion of felony criminal vehicular operation after the incident.

Taylor's son, Lirico Fennell, tells the Pioneer Press that his father is legally blind and likely didn't see the men. Fennell believes "when he hit them, he panicked."

Fennell also told the paper that Taylor was likely in the area panhandling for drug money.

"He got a problem with theft and swindle, but my daddy didn't try and hurt nobody," Fennell told the Pioneer Press.

See Stroud talking about the accident with KARE 11 below.

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