Army recruiters hit and dragged by driver in Roseville


Two army recruiters were injured on Tuesday after they were run over in a parking lot near the Rosedale Mall. WCCO TV reports that the vehicle that hit the men kept going, dragging one of the men under the car while it fled the scene.

Police say one of the men flew over the top of the vehicle, the other was trapped under it, when they were hit by the driver in a Jeep Cherokee traveling between 10 and 12 mph.

The crash was reported near the intersection of Snelling Avenue and County Road B2, according to authorities.

The victim who flew over the vehicle, a 29-year old from Brooklyn Center, was examined by medical personnel and is ok. The other, a 42-year old from Circle Pines, received two broken bones in his leg and injuries to his buttocks, according to police.

KSTP TV reports that at one point the driver of the vehicle stopped to try and kick the man free, then drove further, dragging the man for about 3/4 of a mile. The driver eventually parked his Cherokee at a motel and was later arrested near by, after workers at the motel noticed he was acting strangely and called police.

Police are unsure if the man who was driving the Cherokee was targeting the men or if he was under the influence.

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