Around the World in 60 Seconds: Today’s top headlines


Here’s a brief look at some of the top news stories around the world for March 19, 2015.

Fetus "cut from pregnant woman" responding to Craigslist ad

Prosecutors are weighing whether to file a murder charge against a Colorado woman accused of stabbing a pregnant woman who answered her Craigslist ad, before cutting her fetus from the womb, killing the unborn child.

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Netanyahu rows back on pre-election Palestine comments

Newly-returned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he wants a "peaceful, two-state solution" to the Palestinian problem, appearing to go against comments he made prior to this week's election.

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Prince Charles pays a visit to the White House

President Obama remarked that Americans prefer the Royal Family to their own politicians, as next in line to the British Throne Prince Charles visited the White House.

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Man gets shot, takes a selfie, as you do

One of those injured when a gunman went on a rampage in Mesa, Arizona, this week took to Snapchat shortly afterwards, posting a selfie with the gunshot wound he sustained.

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