Around the World in 60 Seconds: Today’s top stories


Here’s a brief look at some of the top news stories around the world for May 26, 2015.

Rain storm hammers Texas, Houston floods

Houston is underwater and huge swaths of Texas and northern Mexico have been battered by rain storms that have led to flash flooding. So far, 23 lives have been claimed by the storm system between the U.S. and Mexico, with 16 people missing.

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Pope hasn't watched television since 1990

Highlighting the sacrifices made on the way to becoming the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis says he hasn't watched TV since July 1990 – and misses going out for pizza.

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Cyber criminals accessed 100,000 tax returns

Tax return information for about 100,000 U.S. taxpayers was accessed by cyber criminals over the past four months, IRS commissioner John Koskinen said on Tuesday. Access was gained through the IRS' "Get Transcript" service.

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