Arrest made in Arizona killing of Minnesota woman 3 years ago

Allison Feldman was found dead in her home in 2015.
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Police have arrested a man suspected of murdering a Minnesota native in Arizona three years ago.

Allison Feldman, a graduate of Minnetonka High School, was found dead in her Scottsdale home on Feb. 18, 2015, having suffered serious head trauma.

She was discovered by her boyfriend, who found her nude with a cloth wrapped around her head and her body surrounded by a pool of blood, with a surveillance camera corroborating his account of arriving at their home.

On Tuesday, the Scottsdale Police Department confirmed it has arrested a 42-year-old man in connection with her death, who was identified through familial DNA testing.

He is currently being held on first-degree murder charges, with Scottsdale PD saying his arrest "marks the culmination of an intense, three-year investigation."

DNA samples taken from the crime scene didn't initially turn up any results, police explain, so in late 2017 it worked to expand its forensic search so it could identify relatives of the person they're seeking to find.

“We were at a point of impasse. We were out of leads and still had a very violent offender on the loose”, said Scottsdale Police Department Assistant Chief Scott Popp.

The familial DNA search led them to the arrested suspect, though at this stage they're not aware of any link between him and Feldman.

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