Art Shanty Projects will move to Minneapolis next year

It's moving to Minneapolis to be closer to its visitors (and the Super Bowl).

White Bear Lake won't be adorned with super creative, artist-designed shanties next winter. A different lake will.

The Art Shanty Projects have been taking over Minnesota lakes since 2005. It started west of the metro on Medicine Lake. Then in 2014, it moved northeast to White Bear Lake.

For the last four years, that's where artists set up camp for a month. But in 2018, they're moving to Lake Harriet to be closer to downtown Minneapolis. Organizers plan to keep it there at least until 2020.

“A move to Minneapolis will situate the program in the heart of where 70 percent of past participating artists and more than 50 percent of audience members reside,” Art Shanty Projects Executive Director Dawn Bentley said in a statement.

Bentley went on to say being more centrally located will make it easier for visitors and artists to engage in the festivities. It also supports people who rely on public transportation.

In addition to being in a different location, the Art Shanty Projects will also start a bit earlier next year.

It'll begin mid-January to coincide with the Super Bowl that's coming to Minnesota. The Super Bowl is expected to bring 125,000 visitors and an estimated $400 million in new spending to the Twin Cities, the news release notes.

More specific details will be announced this summer along with the calls for artist participation.

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