Artists will take over White Bear Lake with some super creative shanties

20 artist-designed shanties will decorate White Bear Lake all February.

Anglers have already set up villages on Minnesota's frozen lakes, trying to reel in some keepers. But come February, the shanties on White Bear Lake are going to be much more colorful.

Artists from across the U.S. will come together for the Art Shanty Projects. It kicks off Feb. 4 and runs every weekend that month.

Executive Director Dawn Bentley told GoMN there will be no fishing in the 20 artist-designed shanties. Instead, visitors are invited to admire the creations – inside and out – and participate in interactive activities that go along with them.

There will be a dual-level Slumber Party Shanty where visitors must face a "monster" before climbing up onto the bed to play games. There's also a Chef Shanty – yes, it involves food – and a Conversation Booth that's meant to spark conversations between strangers.

You can see the whole list of shanties here

There are also different themes for each weekend. Feb. 11-12 is Youth and Family Weekend. And the 18-19 is All Access Weekend, which means there will be ASL interpreters and extra volunteers to make sure everyone can make it out to see the shanties.

You can check out the full schedule of events and performances here.

To visit, organizers recommend going to White Bear Lake County Park. From there, the Art Shanty Projects are about 1,500 feet out on the ice.

Check them out early

Bentley said some of the shanties will be on display a few days early.

On Jan. 29, Barbette in Uptown is hosting an event called B-Lectric – which the restaurant describes as a "celebration of art and light."

Bentley said several shanties – like the Dance Shanty, Sesa-station Story Shanty, and Vehicle of Expression – will be on display in Uptown for that event. You can learn more about B-Lectric here.

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