As brother's girlfriend sleeps, Wisconsin teen sneaks in and cuts her throat


A 14-year-old from western Wisconsin is accused of attacking her brother's girlfriend for more than an hour and then slitting her throat.

The St. Croix County Sheriff's Office responded around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, thinking they were going to the scene of an abduction near New Richmond – a city 45 miles east of Minneapolis.

They were led to a residence and found a teen victim inside. Officials say she had "multiple lacerations and bruising," and she's now hospitalized.

According to the news release, the victim personally knew her attacker – with the New Richmond News and WQOW reporting the 15-year-old victim was dating the 14-year-old attacker's brother.

The New Richmond News says the suspect snuck into the home of her brother's girlfriend, waking her up and physically tormenting her for hours.

The victim reportedly told officials that her attacker beat her, smashed bowls over her head then used broken shards to cut her, WQOW adds.

At one point the attacker asked her victim if she'd rather "die right now" or "bleed out," the complaint says. The victim chose the latter, and the suspect left.

The New Richmond paper reported earlier this week that with the suspect, who suffered some injuries, initially told police she'd been attacked by some masked men and that she thought they were headed to the other girl's home next.

However, the complaint says that was all a hoax the suspect devised to keep from being caught.

The suspect is said to have later admitted sneaking into the home and attacking the other girl.

The suspect said in an interview that she rode her bike past her victim's home several times to plot out the attack, the News adds.

Court records show the 14-year-old suspect is being charged as an adult with first degree intentional homicide.

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