As race heats up, Clinton and Sanders hit the Twin Cities


Both candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination will be in the Twin Cities Friday.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are each speaking at a DFL fundraiser in St. Paul in the evening.

Though they'll share a stage, the candidates will speak separately rather than debating. They did debate Thursday night in Milwaukee, though, where Bloomberg notes Clinton adopted one of Sanders' themes by agreeing that "the economy is rigged in favor of those at the top.”

You can watch a full replay of the debate here:

It came two days after Sanders' decisive victory in the New Hampshire primary turned a race that was once considered lopsided in Clinton's favor into one that appears to be a close contest.

Larry Jacobs of the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs tells FOX 9 he's expecting the race for Minnesota's 36 delegates will be a tight one:

“Bernie Sanders has quite a bit of enthusiasm among the progressives, but Hillary Clinton has got the Mondale wing of the DFL behind her. This includes the governor and many of the DFL leaders, so I think we can expect a real brawl.”

Both candidates are also hitting television screens in Minnesota, with Sanders having purchased ad time on stations in Duluth and Fargo-Moorhead as well as the Twin Cities.

On Friday afternoon, Sanders will be the guest of honor at a Community Forum on Black America being held at Patrick Henry High School.

On Thursday the political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Clinton for President.

But the move drew the ire of Rep. Keith Ellison, who represents Minneapolis in Congress. Ellison, who is backing Sanders, says the group's political action committee made its endorsement without consulting him or other members of the Caucus.

Minnesota's political caucuses are coming up on March 1, which has been nicknamed "super Tuesday" because the large number of states voting that day makes it a critical date for candidates.

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