As waistlines grow, so do casket sizes

A Minnesota casket maker tells KSTP that more than half the caskets it sells are considered oversized. The largest is 55 inches wide, compared to a traditional 24-inch casket. A new report this week suggests that by 2030, 55 percent of the state could be considered obese.
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A number of businesses are catering to a U.S. population that continues to grow more overweight. One of them is The Northwestern Casket Company in New Hope, Minn., where more than half the caskets sold are considered oversized, KSTP reports. The largest will hold a body up to 1,000 pounds.

It's a striking but not brand-new development. One funeral home owner told The Oprah Winfrey Show in a story two years ago that it can add insult to injury for a family when they are told they can't have a traditional viewing, or a cremation.

A new report this week indicates 55 percent of Minnesotans could be obese by 2030. Here's KSTP's report from New Hope:

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