Associated Press: 1 of 3 Minnesota marriage licenses for same sex couples


Same-sex couples accounted for one-third of the marriage licenses issued in Minnesota since Aug. 1, the day a new law went into effect legalizing gay marriage.

In an exclusive report by the Associated Press, at least 1,640 same-sex couples applied for marriage licenses across Minnesota. Almost 3,600 licenses were issued to opposite-sex couples from Aug. 1 through the final days of the month.

As expected, most of the same-sex marriage licenses were issued in Hennepin and Ramsey counties. In Hennepin county, research shows 950 licenses were issued, with 264 issued in Ramsey county.

As broken down by the AP, 13 counties issued between 10 and 100 licenses. The rest, issued between zero and nine licenses. A complete breakdown can be seen right here.

Pine, Rock, St. Louis, and Todd counties did not provide information to the AP.

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